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Come by and relax at our vape bar and sample the central valley’s LARGEST E-LIQUID selection. We carry 124 unique Flavors and are constantly perfecting our Juice Lineup Everyday.

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Starter Kits and Mods

Here at Visalia Vapes we strive to meet every customers vaping needs. Whether you just made the decision to switch to vape or you’re a dedicated cloud chaser, we will have you walking out the doors with a smile on your face and a quality vape setup in your pocket

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We carry a wide variety of vaping accessories to meet any type of vapors needs. From building kits, to mod holsters, to custom drip tips and battery wraps. We have what you need!

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Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00AM-7:30PM, Sun 12:00PM-6:00PM

Our Staff

Our vision is to provide our customers with the best knowledge and products in the industry.

Josh French

Woman love him and Men want to be him. Introducing the Mastermind behind the double V’s, I give you Josh French. you may know him by reputation, or you may be his closest homie, but all can agree that none can deny his legend.

Brent French

Many of our customers frequently ask, “who is that guy?”. Well rest easy folks, yes he works at VV and he kinda owns it too!, and once in a great moon YOU may be lucky enough to be honored by his presence. Hi, I’m Brent! lol

Gerry Payne

Sales Associate
What’s up fellow vapor’s, my name is Gerry (pronounced Jerry). Stop on by to hang out at our Vape Bar. But don’t sample for too long or else you might just get stuck until you’ve vaped all of our 124 flavors.

Derek Gannon

Sales Associate
Whats up guys! My name is Derek., Everyone calls me Tenessee. Our mission is to educate and provide you with professional recommendations for the necessary vaping products to help you achieve your smoke free goals. “yehhaw!!!’

Joseph Lew

Sales Associate
My name is Joseph, i am the newest member of VV. My goal is to assist you with your vapor needs.

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